The NEW Ardour Logo

I wasn’t sure where else to put this, so I put it here. Concerning the new ardour for logo that just popped up out of the blue, not seen anywhere on these forums…I’d like to say it is very impressive. Congratulations to whoever it was that designed it, it has added the professional touch ardour needs to gain peoples first impression interest.
That been said it’s a pity that there were no community effort icons that made the cut. I think if you compare them to the selected one, the choice is quite obvious though. A less cartoonish approach was sorely needed, even if it does somewhat resemble the cisco systems icon!!
Of course there will be plenty of people who disagree with me, but that’s okay, that’s what opinions are all about =)

Excellent Design!..However, I would have preferred to see a smaller logo on the front of the T-shirt placed on the right or left breast area with the larger logo centered on the rear of the shirt…Anyway. the logo is slamming.

What he said.


Thanks sampo, that clears that up. I guess I need to spend more time hanging around on #ardour, even though I can’t really help with development, I might get in on the latest goss earlier!

The process for selecting a logo for Ardour has been a long and tedious one. And I for one am glad that we now have a gorgeous new logo.

As for the community process: the design of that logo has been a real community effort. The logo idea and design came from Thorsten Wilms. The logo process went on #ardour ( for maybe a month up until the logo came on Thorsten posted multiple variations of his ideas and posted them for open criticism. Based on these comments Thorsten then continued on with the design and this was iterated for the said period.

I would like to thank Thorsten for putting up with a lot of feedback from people, including me. If someone thought of an idea which could work, Thorsten tried it. I think most of the time we were wrong, but he had the patience to try out different things on our whim.

In hindsight, someone should’ve posted about what was going on in irc on the forum thread about logo suggestions and I’m sorry that didn’t happen.

yeah i love the logo.

simple yet effective.