The most efficient way to export several regions as mono?


Ran into an issue here. I need to find the quickest/best way to do this (exporting regions to mono), since I will be doing a lot of this in this session. My scenario:

I have a session with several tracks/regions in mono. These regions have some plugins on them. The tracks they’re on are also connected to a couple of fx-busses. Everything, even the busses, are in mono, both in and out (out through setting the panner to mono). So far so good.

Now, what I want to do, is export every region individually, WITH the fx from both the track it’s on, and the busses it’s connected to. Every export has to be in mono, so I get valid mono files out of this.
I’m looking for the fastest/most efficient way here.

Any ideas?
So far I’ve tested creating ranges for every region, and exporting with the “split to mono regions”. I’ve also tried simply removing one out from the master bus. What happens in both these cases is I get what seems to be a stereo-track, but only with one channel. So, it doesn’t seem to be a valid mono file.

Thanks in advance for any help!