The more regions I record to a track, the longer delay for play to start after stopping record

I’m a long-time ardour user, but on my windows machine I’ve been experiencing this frustrating delay glitch. If I have a clean track without any regions, then I can pretty quickly restart recording a take after finishing a take. However, as I do more takes on that track (doesn’t matter if at same playhead or not), then there becomes a longer delay from the time that I press stop & play till when the actual audio starts playing for the additional take. As I reach 10 takes it is maybe a 5 seconds, but after like 100 takes then it becomes impossible to deal with the 30-second or so delay for the playback to restart.

I notice that there is very high CPU usage during the time after I press the stop buttton, and I notice that the waveform is slowly redrawn during this time. My guess is this seems to be some sort of CPU performance bug and likely not disk related. Though maybe there is something messed up with my system.

I am a programmer and would be willing to investigate if this is a performance bug by running a hot code profiler to see what is consuming so much cpu.

(my specs: I’m on Ardour 6.5 windows using a Motu 624 interface configured in 44.1kHz 128 frams as 3-in & 3-out with 3-channel tracks)

hmm…so I started another recording project, and did not experience any recording delay. So maybe something got corrupted in that earlier recording project which led to the long delays.

I’ve had this issue as well but not as slow and only with pretty big sessions. So in case it happens again here are some things worth checking out:

  1. hardware graphics acceleration issue
    → you can mess around with it in Preferences->Appearance
  2. too many regions to display (like when duplicating a sample many times)
    → in my case gets pretty much solved by joining regions together

And I remember some issues about waveforms drawing indeed if you want to dig a little deeper: Very slow display in editor window

We know that the GUI can slow down (zoom, scroll) when there are lot of regions.

But the engine (playback, control, etc) is not usually affected. A delay when starting or stopping playback is (or was) yet unheard of.

OK, thanks. If it happens again and if I can figure out reproduction steps, I’ll respond.

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