The Mixbus Video Guide

Just Purchased Mixbus,

Help is needed, like why isn’t garageband linking with mixbus using Jack & even trying to use drag that red marker to play from start of song isn’t doing it.

Can’t wait to get flowing with the sick program but at the moment feelin useless so asking how big is the video file program in terms of size and has it helped alot of ya’ll out?

By the way u still can just use track pad on the mac laptops like how essential is it to have 3 button mouse to use mixbus?



At least 2 button mouse or track pad functionality is essential. Most Macs you can set up an actual secondary click via a two finger click on the track pad in System Preferences.

The video is quite good and well worth the $20(I believe is the price IIRC), but also don’t discount other sources of info like the FLOSS manual for Ardour…

Which can help a lot with the basics as well.


Thanks for the link, that looks well informative!

I have booked marked it and will muck around abit :slight_smile:


+1 The Video is very good and worth every penny.
Gave me a better understanding of Ardour in general. Just not MIXBus.
I do not own MixBus. But I own the Video. And I use Ardour.