The March - step after step after step

Hi all,

A few weeks back I had a friend come over with his Roland Handsonic and his looper and we stayed up until the wee hours playing music together… my first time playing with another human in around a decade. I recorded a lot of it, in case we had interesting ideas that could be further developed into songs. What I didn’t expect was that some of it would turn out so nicely that I was able to actually use what I recorded that night.

The March is the result, a dark, brooding piece. It’s entirely improv, except for a few production touches added and minor edits made after the fact. It’s a blend of my signal into the interface, his signal into the interface, and a single Rode NT-1 microphone capturing the room.

All recording and editing was done with Ardour. It was not without some cursing, however… I had more pain from crashes and other setbacks than I ever have before, and was even granted an “Order of the Arthropod” award by x42 in IRC on account of my ability to surface very odd bugs.