The Long Wait - Lookout Mountain mixed in Ardour

Just finished mixing some stuff. Check it out!

Well balanced and nice overall mix. I like the hard left/right guitar panning.
it’s very reverb wet, did you intend to make this “distant” esp the vocals?

@x42: yes, reverb was the idea. I wanted to make it as if listener sits in the middle of a big and almost empty concert hall. Also I noticed that there’s too much of low frequencies (I have small monitors, so it’s not easy to control low end in them), maybe I’ll reduce reverb amount in next version of the mix. Thanks for feedback!

Nice tune. Reminds me of Poco. Nice singer also. I’ve just listened to it with headphones and it doesn’t seem to have too many low frequencies. What bitrate did you use? I’m still doing tries to see if to use Guitarix, or effect in Ardour (like calf or others) and so on.
What acoustics do you use?

@telover: actually I didn’t record any of those tracks, I acted only as a mixer. Guitars, as it can be clearly heard from isolated tracks, were recorded with real amps, not with Guitarix or whatever else. When exporting, I used FLAC and then converted that to mp3 VBR q2 (there was a reason for that in this particular case, I usually use Ogg Vorbis for lossy compression). And what do you mean under “acoustics” term? Are you referring to monitors or something else?

Ok, I thought it was your track, not just the mixing. With acoustics I meant acoustic guitars.