The limitation of the light thieme building

How can I format such limitation in a right way (I’m not a programmer): as a bug or as a proposition in the “Ideas for Ardour” forum topic?

I’ve made some extremely decolorized theme to exclude any dark colors in Ardour’s appearance. I went to “Preferences”>“Theme”>“Palette” and changed any dark colors to light. But found that some dark areas in Ardour’s appearance steel there. Illustration:

If we want to get some good-readable light theme, we need a dark text in light areas.
The main problem is that the slot for ‘menu text, track name text and etc.’ - is general (“Preferences”>“Theme”>“Items”>“gtk_foreground”). If I make this dark, it becomes invisible in dark areas. See illustration:

So we need a separate slot for each text items, or we need to find how to change that shown dark areas.

The link to the experimental theme-file:


Well first and foremost, open an issue on the bug tracker (See link above) for themeing. Also I would recommend being in IRC to discuss with developers there as well, it may take some time before anyone takes this on, but it is good to start the conversation.


Thank you! I’ll try)…

Hello cooltehno, I would love to try your theme.

I’m replacing /opt/Ardour-4.7.0/etc/dark.colors with your file, but getting no results. What am I missing?


(BTW, I’ve also restarted Ardour.)

Nevermind, I’ve just found the my-dark.colors file, thanks for sharing!

the remaining dark colors (menu-bar, status, bar, selection clock) are remnants from the GTK theme. The ruler labels are likewise still GTK themed.
They’re still defined in clearlooks.rc –

style “time_info_box”
bg[NORMAL] = { 0.05, 0.05, 0.05 }

Hello R30! I replace theme file in “home folder/.config/ardour4”, not in “/opt/Ardour-4.7.0/etc/dark.colors”.

See this link:

Hello, @Seablade!
Could you check my first Issue with “features” category in Bug Tracker? May be there must be some corrections?

Link to Issue: