The latest song: "Modern-day Knight"

Here comes the second link. This is my own personal vision of a nowadays Don Quixote, with a Hard Rock vibe. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers, love, peace and Rock n’Roll


I like the song. The chords you use in the chorus remind me a bit of “Guilty” by Ronnie James Dio. :sweat_smile:
However, for my taste the low end respective low mids feel as if it should be cut a bit more.

Hi, I also like the song and I like the way you sing it.
And singing is often the weak point in what can be heard in the productions we can hear on thoose forum places. And again according to me, you do sing well.
I listened to the five minutes and some of the whole song, maybe a kind of « radio version » lasting 3’30’?
The other thing is that it is obvious you want to sound « rock » but everything is so clear, that it sounds almost « inde », lacking a little bit the tight sound we are accustomed to hear in that genre.
But you sing well and maybe something more drifted towards « story teller- songwriter » style, with maybe lighter arrangements could make the job on other songs.
Just my opinion.