The Island - a playlist

The Island is the beginning of what I hope will be something bigger. Originally I made the tracks in Magix Music Maker over the last two years, until they sat dormant as logging into Win10 became a chore. After discovering Ardour (yay!) I transcribed them over. Naturally in the process, most of them got a make over, tracks dropped, tracks added, a couple of re-arrangements, and in the case of The Island, a rename, a new sound emerged. This is the result. Intense is still missing something… a lot of something actually.

Feedback is welcome, both good and bad. My favorite type of music to listen to is soundtrack/trailer so that’s what I tend to lean towards…

The Island playlist

Let me know what you think…

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I like the general feel of all these pieces. The horn/brass synth engine could be a little better, particularly when the sounds are so on display. The percussion sections are very nicely done.

The first piece reminded me quite a bit of Ryan Teague, and also, along with the other tracks of recent works by Jon Hopkins.

I like it. I do. I also really love soundtracks and stuff like that… So it shows up in a lot of work that I do. Made a post on the forums recently… It hasn’t been viewed yet I think. First full track I’ve ever done with ardour. Check out this one.