The installed plugin could not be loaded

I have cloned the midifilter.lv2 (GitHub - x42/midifilter.lv2: LV2 plugins to filter midi events) and installed it as specified on my Lubuntu with:

  git clone
  cd midifilter.lv2
  sudo make install PREFIX=/usr

I double click on my track strip and choose the MIDI Note Transpose from the Plugin Selector page, and click on the Insert Plugin(s) button. But I get The plugin in … could not be loaded. Why is the plugin not being able to be loaded? Can any one help?

Look in the detailed ardour log to see if there are additional messages.
Make sure you do not have a previous version of midifilter.lv2 installed which might conflict.
Run lv2ls and check that you have entries for x42 MIDI Filter Collection in the output.
Start Ardour from a terminal and look for additional messages printed to terminal.

lv2ls returns the entry i need:

$ lv2ls | grep transpose

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