The Incontinentals - "Maybe I Know" recorded with Ardour


Back in the winter some uhm…‘old’ friends who call themselves ‘The Incontinentals’ ( lol ) approached me about a recording project in my Studio, these are a great bunch of guys and lifer musicians that have a great rapport with each other and for this song enlisted the aid of a great young singer named Meg.

I did the Audio recording, mixing and mastering and the video was done later in a different location by ‘Tin Can Films’. The organ solo is actually a real Hammond L-100 organ through a 710 leslie that I picked up on the cheap this past year.

These kind of projects always remind me of the positive way music can unite and focus people on a common goal. :smiley:

Great composition, great artists, great sounds and great balanced mix. What can I say ? It’s just perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, that’s awesome, thanks for sharing.

Great sound and great production quality. I really enjoyed that. Thanks!

Thanks very much everyone for taking time to watch and comment, it is appreciated!

Good time spent ,and kind of fun watching your video .
The young lady sings well and the fellows behind are full of energy.