The Incontinentals - "Brandy"


In the process of doing some paid work for some good friends who have been doing music for 50+ years. A fun and funny group of guys and terrific musicians and vocalists. Here’s a video I just finished of one of their fave cover songs that they also nail live… “Brandy” (originally by “Looking Glass”).

I recorded and mixed and mastered the Audio with Ardour 5.12, my son Connor did the camera work and I synced and edited the Video with Cinelerra-GG, it was the most complicated Video project I’ve ever done, despite all the bitching about previous versions of Cinelerra I was able to assemble, edit and render this project effortlessly with not even one glitch or crash, by using ‘proxy’ files I could smoothly edit 9 tracks of Video and 2 tracks of mixed down Audio on my old Q6600 quad core computer without even a burp!

And the Video is here:

With the exception of a uhe Presswerk Limiter plugin this was all done on a stock AV Linux 2019 install.


I don’t know where to start… perhaps the band’s name. Hilarious.
I hope that when I’m their age I’ll still rock like they do! Amazing performance, they nailed it, indeed.

Bloody hell. That’s good…

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing this.

That is really awesome! Great song, great cover, great sound and a great video. I didn’t realize that people actually used Cinelerra. lol I will have to give it another look soon. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I will pass them on to the band! :grinning:


This is the Cinelerra version to look at: it’s by far the most actively maintained and improved of the various forks.

Superb! Great song, great rendition! Inspirational