the idiots guide to installation

i am brand new to ubuntu (i have 11.04).

i love making music and, from the screen caps, ardour looks and incredible!!! but I have no idea what i’m doing!!!

I’ve read the installation instruction provided on this site. It assumes the reader already is familiar with linux, so to me it’s a bunch of esoteric gibberish. can somebody explain this process to me is Laymen’s Terms? or, preferably, direct me to a video tutorial or something which lays out A VERY OBVIOUS process?

I’ve searched youtube and google video already and didn’t turn up anything that was very helpful. i think 11.04 is still too new because all the videos i’ve found were of previous “distributions”.

Ah, you posted it twice (different forums), so I’ll reply twice :slight_smile:

You can simply install Ardour from the Ubuntu repository (software center or Synaptic packet Manager -> search for ardour).

You could have a look here at how to build Ardour from source: - But I wouldn’t recommend it for now if you haven’t compiled anything before, try the Ubuntu package first. If that doesn’t serve your needs it’s good to have the source code at hand, but first try the Ubuntu version.