The Faraways, Reverie

Our band’s first album, made entirely with Ardour (except mastering).


Sounds very good…would be nice to see the workflow in Ardour.

Thanks! I am a hobbyist engineer. I am sure a pro would look at my plugin chains in horror! But, we are very happy with the result. After spending years in studios, big mixing consoles, tape machines, etc, it still amazes me all of this is capable on a laptop.

This was essentially my process:

  1. All tracking done in 1 long session file.
  2. Ranges set for each song.
  3. STEM exports of each range.
  4. In a new session, imported one song’s STEMs, then fully mixed the first song.
  5. Exported the session as a template, as I wanted to keep all the drums/bass plugins/mix as a starting point for the rest.
  6. Using the template, created new sessions for each song.
  7. Modified mix of each song as necessary, overdubs as needed.

Critical plugins:

TDR Nova (Crashes Ardour 7.3, had to use 7.2 for this album. Not sure about 7.4 yet).
Thomas Mundt LoudMax
Youlean Loudness Meter 2
Airwindows Monitoring (this guy makes a ton of amazing free plugins).
Voxengo OldSkoolVerb, Tempo Delay

Waves Tune Real Time
Vocal and Bass Rider
CLA Mixdown
CLA Echosphere, Epic
Magma BB Tubes

And a few others Im sure.

Great album ! And good job on the mix !