The Elder Brothers - "Natures Way"

New Video from a new Band! This is the Elder Brothers performing their arrangement of Spirit’s - “Nature’s Way”. Recorded Live with a Zoom Livetrak L-20 and then bounced into Ardour 6.9 for a few post-production cleanups. Video was edited in Cinelerra-GG.


Good work man!

Though you cheated and already made the input signal sound great. :smiley:

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Always loved this song, but, I remember Ed skin headed :grinning:

Do you have a lead sheet for us ?

Best regards

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Haha, I’m getting the closest to skin-headed and that’s not by choice! Ed was certainly one of the most singular figures in R&R history, the whole band story is pretty crazy in retrospect!

Sorry we’re all ‘by-ear’ guys so no lead sheet I’m afraid… :slightly_frowning_face: