The Elder Brothers - "Harvest Moon"


Another live Video this time an arrangement of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”… I can honestly say that our timing with Neil’s big spat with Spotify this week is purely coincidental, this was simply the next Video ready to put out…

Recorded with a Zoom Livetrak L-20 and then imported into Ardour 6.9 for some post-production tweaks.


Wow! Nice job! Even the video work is nicely done. I left some comments on your video link. Best version i’ve ever heard of this song.

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Great production ! Love what you did with this song and very nice video !
Congrats to the rest of the band !

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Thanks guys, appreciate it, will pass on the comments to the rest of the band! :+1:

Very well done, gentlemen. Neil appears to be eyeing approvingly from the corner.

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This is great! :slight_smile: I love this song. Production sounds very nice, the L-20 is a great piece of gear.

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Thanks @stephenharker , and everyone else for the kind and encouraging words!

I know you also have produced really great results with an L-20… When I bought it I thought I’d use it as an interface only and kinda thumbed by nose at the SD Card part but I’ve quickly learned much of the L-20’s beauty is the standalone recorder part… Get things routed, record enable the channels, set your levels in the channel pre’s…Done! We can get down to recording in a few minutes without a thought about latency, Xruns or if the software is working and set up properly… It’s heaven!

Then later with a Zoom template set up in Ardour I can be up and running with Plugins pre-loaded to do post-production work very quickly… No none of this is rocket science or terribly clever and in your case I’m preaching to the choir but after years of Interfaces directly into DAWs this is more steps but infinitely more conducive to Live recording especially if you’re the guy doing the performing and recording, much simpler!


I didn’t really think about the SD recording aspect of it either when I was investigating getting one but it’s turned out to be great backup for recording live gigs where you don’t get a second chance. So to have it recording to SD card and also in Ardour is nice insurance :slight_smile:

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Cool song, good playing and singing from you all.
The video is nice.
Waiting for other songs.
Thanks for sharing.

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