The Elder Brothers - "Autumn" released!


The Autumn album by The Elder Brothers has been released and is available on all major streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp. The album was recorded at Bandshed Records Studio with various versions of Ardour on various versions of AV Linux…

Liner notes:

Autumn signifies the transition from harvest with it’s bounty to the stillness of winter. It is a time for reflection. When we set out on this project our intention was to record some songs for posterity, but as work progressed we were filled with feelings of gratitude and surprise. We are thankful for the musical family and friends that we have been blessed to work with over these many years, and for the creativity and craft the writers of these songs have shared with the world. As we move from autumn to winter in our own lives we are happily surprised to discover that we still have the energy to reimagine them in our own way.

We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


Great cover. Great arrangement, singing and playing. Great ending. Maybe I like this version even better than the one from Abba


Thank you Peter! Much appreciated!