The Eighth - They Are Beautiful

Okay, guess I’ve never written about that LP here so here we go.
This is “They Are Beautiful” - my instrumental LP heavily inspired by Men in Black movies and comic series.
And this is the main theme, “They Are Beautiful”, mixed in Ardour.

Recorded and mixed in 2015 in Ardour 3 or 4, as I remember. Also released in 2015. This release was my favorite for a long time so when it came to the 5th anniversary, I’ve decided to remaster and re-release it. So now you can find it almost anywhere if you’ll search a little, but here I suggest to compare original release with the remastered version.
Originally, the sound was bass-focused with “clunky” mid-to-high ranges. Now it sounds more clear but lacks a little bit of bass sometimes. However, I’ve managed to keep a rhythm a heaviness of all of the drums.
Unfortunately, for remastering, I had to use REAPER since I needed the dynamic EQ. There are nearly no good dynamic EQ’s for Linux (I am still making music on my PC with Debian installed), and I don’t want to run vst-bridges inside of Ardour. After the remastering was done I’ve also figured out that version of Ardour that was installed on my system at a time (kxstudio repos) was unstable and I could use another version (compile myself or use the official build for example), but that’s another story.