"The Ecology of Ardour" - article by Dave Phillips

Linux audio documentarian (as well as swell guitar player, teacher, CSound wrangler and all around nice guy) Dave Phillips has written a very nice article for Linux Journal that describes "the ecology of Ardour", and covers a number of "off-screen" developments and collaborations that some readers might not be aware. Thanks to Dave for the nice article.

Hey Paul, thanks for the kind words and the link, and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Btw, I happened to find this when looking for some other material:

http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/10295 (An interview with Paul Davis)

LJ never notified me about its publication. Unfortunately you'll probably need a subscription to view the whole article. A part can be found here:


I don't know who runs that site, but I'm glad they posted a part of the interview. I'll have to beg off as bad interviewer but the responses are pure gold for anyone who wonders what goes on in the mind of Paul Davis. :)



thanks, interesting read indeed

the ecology article also of course :slight_smile: