The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour

Dear forum. Sorry to open this question again, I think I read all posts about it, but the possible solutions did not work for me sofar. I might have missed the key solution.

Got an I5 2400 3.1Ghz desktop. 6Gb Ram, 6Gb swap. 500Gb SSD disk. Running Fedora 35. Everything updated. Ardour 6.9.0

I connected my yamaha keyboard via MIDI to an USB port (in the back of the desktop). Downloaded ‘Timbre of heaven’ soundfont. I use the fluidsynth plugin.

I changed the limit.conf file and pam file to get rid of the memory warning. Add myself to the audio group with unlimited memory.

No further changes, everything default. Only one MIDI track. When I hit record, after 10 secs it stops recording with the message The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour.

When I look at edit-preferences-performance the disk I/O is set to medium session 16-64 tracks (again: I am using only 1 track). The recording (seconds of buffering) is then preset to 10secs. Now that is exactly where ardour stops recording. So I tried disk I/O set to small session (5 secs of buffering) Then ardour stops after 5 secs.

It looks that there is no data storage whatsoever to my SSD in these first 5 or 10 secs.

I then set Disk I/O to custom and the recording slide to 60secs bufffering. It now seems to work, however I did not record beyond 3 mins yet. Just testing.

It looks like the SSD needs some time to get started? It is rather puzzling, even more when you realise that it is only recording midi data, this is some kbyte for a minute of recording.

Could someone shed some light here?


Perhaps check the BIOS settings for your computer to see if there are any aggressive power saving modes enabled for the SATA interface. Not necessarily expected, but any SSD should be able to keep up with MIDI recording so must be some less common problem.

Does this happen reliably and unconditionally with every session?

Which version of Ardour are you using?
There was a false positive warning like this when changing the loop points while looping.

Checked Bios settings. Did not find any power saving modes for SATA.

@x42 Ardour 6.9.0 Did not use any loop settings.
I only did the one session, in that session it was very reliable. Even when I did not press any keys and the midi input thus was empty, after 10secs it stopped recording. I’ll try another session tomorrow… (it is bedtime by now, waaaayyy past bedtime actually…).
To give you something to think about in the mean time: Ardour also saves a .wav file. It is also not very large, 1.8Mbytes for the 10secs. Why is it saving a .wav file? it is MIDI. And when I try to play the .wav file (vlc or audacity) it is empty. It plays, but there is no sound. In audacity you do not see any waverform. Yet 1.8Mbytes is saved… (it is under the interchange directory in the session folder, interchange/midi_piano1/audiofiles/)

Tonight I noticed that the activity LED on my midi-usb cable is constantly flashing. I tried monitoring the incoming bytes with amidi and later with midi-ox (on a windows machine). Tried different cables, even took out the trusted Ensoniq '97 midi pci-card, and lastly plugged into a presonic itwo. It looks like there is a lot of noise on the line. I am getting lots of 00 00 zero’s, sometimes a HEX value and when I play a note it sometimes receives the start string but not the stop string and/or viceversa.

I have a pretty old keyboard, Yamaha PSR-510 but it is otherwise working just fine.

I cannot test this with another keyboard since I have only the one. So my question is: Is it normal that the keyboard is transmitting constantly some HEX values (most 00) ? I guess not. I’ll try and open it up and put the scope to work…

I managed to fix the noise issue, it appeared to be a bad solder joint. Did not fix the initial problem though. I still need to manually set the disk I/O buffer to at least 30secs.

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