The Chinese Windows 10 system cannot start

The operating system I am using is Windows 10, and the software version is Ardour7.5.0 for Windows 64bit.

I tried to open the software after installing it, but it only briefly appeared in the Task Manager and did not respond. After installing the jack, it can be started, but only the output device can be selected. When attempting to switch to portaudio, both the input and output devices are grayed out and cannot be selected. When attempting to switch to the jack again, the interface remains in its previous state.

When I switched the language of the software to English, everything was fine.

After setting the backend to portaudio and changing the language to Chinese, the software cannot start.

After deleting the corresponding folder in AppData, the software can start, but still can only use jack.

English is not my native language, I used translation software

On the panel where the side chain is created and sent, the Chinese language cannot be displayed properly, possibly due to coding issues?

We are aware of at least one error in the Chinese translation that prevents things functioning on some Windows system. We have asked the translation team to look into this, but have not heard back from them.

Perhaps I should temporarily use English´╝îThank you very much for your reply.

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