The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Hi all,

I just published a song I’ve been working on recently:

It’s a metal/creepy song inspired by “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”, the first novel I ever read by Lovecraft as a teneager. The musical inspiration was old Metallica songs that had a Lovecraft theme, so a mix of creepy arpeggios and heavy riffs :grin:

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Good day,

This song makes sense. He’s got something. hard rock. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, glad you liked it!

You not only captured the vibe but also the sound of the Ride the Lightning era. Well done.

The drums are well recorded too, or is that a plugin?

Thanks for the kind words, Robin!

Drums are programmed: I always write the parts with Hydrogen, using DrumGizmo (using the Muldjord Kit) to render them in Ardour. I tried spending a bit more time equalizing them this time, as a critique I hear often is that the snare in my songs is quite weak: since you liked them, I hope I’m indeed on the right track! :grin:

very nice. jealous and taking notes :grinning:

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