the Ardour/OSC connection


I’ve been experimenting with Common Music, sending randomly selected OSC messages to Ardour. I’ve resolved some issues but still have some others to work through. Specifically any messages in the following format are not working:

/ardour/access_action Common/whatever

The messages are transmitted without problem (transport control messages work fine).

If anyone else is testing the OSC support in Ardour, please contact me about your experiences. I want to design some algorithmic mixing code and would like to see ardour’s OSC support perfected.

Best regards,


Replying to myself: The problem appears to be in CM/GRACE, not in Ardour. I checked the same messages using Gwen Coffy’s apostool, they worked fine with that software for builds of Ardour 2.8.7 (from tarball) and 2.8.8 (from SVN).

edit: The problem was malformed messages in Grace. Fixing the message format solved the problem.