The Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire mixer and this software

I wanted to know if this application will work with The Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire mixer? i have a need to record 4 channels at one time. the software that came with the MultiMix will only do 2 (at least that’a all i can get it to do). i didn’t want to download it if it wont talk to that device. BUT if it will, i would be happy to make a donation to the cause. if i dont hear something back before long, i will go ahead and download. if it works i will donate a fair fee and be happy doing so. if not, i will deleted and look for something else. help if you can, i would be most appreciative. Happy Thanksgiving.

@mark clay: NO!

Please read what I said. For OS X, all that is needed is a CoreAudio driver. Almost ALL commercial audio interfaces have this. The FFADO site is for Linux.

Thanks for the quick reply Paul. i am running OSX on the Mac, and i will be going to Snow L in a week or so. I went to look at the suggested site and found the Alesis MultMix Firewire is not supported. so i guess i am on to the next project and product. Thanks for the reply.

@mark clay: You haven’t told us what platform you want to run Ardour on (Linux or OS X). Ardour itself doesn’t care about your hardware - it doesn’t interact with it directly at all. What matters is where there is proper device driver support for the hardware. For OS X, that means there needs to be a correctly implemented CoreAudio driver. For Linux, and a firewire device, that means FFADO, and you can check on the FFADO website for information about specific devices.