The "A" hotkey for spotting a region seems gone - what's the matter?

I used to use the A hotkey to make selected regions jump to my mouse cursor. I find that very useful when editing long form audio when I need to move a region from one end of my session to another - due to the fact that it’ll not switch tracks I found it more convenient and also way faster than Copy/Paste. And also faster and less error-prone than dragging my (often tiny) region around at different zoom levels.

After Ardour 6.0 release however that hotkey seems to do something else and I can’t find that function anywhere.

Does anybody know what happened and if that function is still there?

<Shift>+‘A’ (for “Align Sync”) works for me here. Unshifted ‘A’ is bound to “Solo Selection” by default now.

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The hotkey must have gone to the same dark place where hotkey “7” went (Metronome On / Off). These changes are not good for people using non US keymaps.

Yeah, ‘`’ doesn’t work for me either: it’s a dead key in the UK keyboard layout, needing two presses to generate a single backtick character. Moreover, searching for ‘Metronome’ in the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ window doesn’t find it, because it’s called ‘Click’, even though the button hover text says ‘Enable/disable metronome’.

Once I eventually did find the action in Keyboard Shortcuts, I was able to re-bind it to ‘dead grave’ by pressing the key once, which seems to work. I don’t know whether it’s possible to make that the default, though.

Oh, and a historical footnote: I think the ‘7’ binding for the metronome goes back to the Ardour 0.99/2.0 era; as far as I remember, the numbers from 0 to 7 were mapped in order to the first seven buttons in the toolbar, of which the metronome was the seventh, and although the buttons have long since been re-arranged, the shortcut remained.


Shift+A does it!

BTW, I use a Polish keyboard map and the Tilde Key as Click Toggle button works for me.

It seems that you’re looking for the ‘X’ shortcut. ‘Shift+A’ performs just syncing, ‘X’ does that plus mantaining relative positions (

From the Keyboard Shortcut (Alt+K):
Keyboard shortcut

I’ve found better the current way, but this is just an opinion. What I did was searching for the US keyboard layout and then assign the key for my own keyboard to match the US distribution. As I use a spanish layout, I assigned ‘º’ symbol to metronome. That way metronome shortcut lays next to number 1 key and that is the place where ‘`’ symbol lays in a US keyboard.
I recommend doing that for all the other weird shortcuts, and, by doing so, you’re facing what developers (or whoever) have in mind by choosing one or other default keybinding.

A = Audition selection (range or regions selection - this also works to audition selected layers only). Soloing is just a side-effect. As opposed to source-audition, the goal is to audition the selection with track/bus processing. This is achieved by soloing the tracks with regions/ranges to be be auditioned (transport stop resets it).

Right, yes, ‘A’ for Audition makes sense, but the name of the action in ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ is still “Solo Selection’” (under “Global | Transport”) :slight_smile:

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