In February, the shortest month of the year, the Ardour user community provided US$4500 of funding. Because of this, I have temporarily suspended my plans to find other work, and will continue working full time on Ardour other than for a couple of short term contract efforts. I cannot thank everyone who contributed enough, and I only wish there was enough to support the amazing work that Dave Robillard and Hans Baier continue to put into the MIDI side of things, as well as Carl Worth who has been very active recently. We reached another new milestone in February as well - 200 active subscribers! Subscribers provide some continuity to funding, and watching this number rise during last month has been very gratifying. Next week (ending March 7th) I hope to release Ardour 2.8 (as described in a story below this one), and then do some long-awaited work on the website. After that, I will return to working in a very focused way on 3.0 to try and get it ready for an alpha release before the spring equinox. Thanks again to everyone, I only hope that future months can meet or exceed this level of support.

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I have subscribed. I haven’t even used Ardour much (yet). Still got a G5 running Logic to get rid of.

We need this software badly! Too many expensive, buggy, inefficient apps and operating systems for audio.

My older Linux PC is now vastly outperforming my Mac. The G5 is heading for ebay.

Roll on MIDI for Ardour. Then we can really ditch all that other stuff.

Hallo Paul, I’m very happy to hear this good news. It’s really nice to see that the ardour community react this way, so your not under heavy financial pressure -at the moment- and you can go on with your extraordiny work on ardour. Thank you and the other hackathon-guys so much for this wonderful piece of software. :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Your welcome. I hope the community continues to support your efforts.
I will continue to subscribe and sponsor bugs (which then means extra cash goes wither to you or the responsible developers)…

Thanks to you, drobilla, Hans and the others we have some real quality software here… and the way svn 3.0 is shaping up it will be competitive with commerical DAW’s soon…

I’ll keep an eye on the ticker, and rally up some of the 64 Studio users if the support seems low. Perhaps we could also have more ticket sponsorship going to support some of the other guys with a few bucks…

Thanks for the great job, and you can count on my continued support of this invaluable project.


Any idea how much you make off the T-shirts? Am buying one for myself (am a subscriber already) but am considering giving some out as gifts. Zazzle really docks you for the shipping, so I’m wondering whether it’s a cost-effective way of supporting Ardour.

The website is great and more funding will come. Cheers.

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