thank you

I just have to say this:

Ardour SERIUOSLY KICKS A**! I thought about buying SX4, but now that i found ardour2…why should i?

Now with v.2 it even feels and looks nice and when its slightly more stable and VIDEO support is there…omg…

Thank you guys very much for developing such a great piece of software!

happy new year to all of you!

ohh… and is there a way to be noticed about new versions?

like a newsletter or something?

Video support? Ardour doesn’t have video support. There are video players like xjadeo which can sync to jack and thus provides video synched to the audio you are editing, but that’s it.

There is movement towards a video compatible jackd which could possibly allow syncing video editing software to ardour. But as far as I understand it, it’s still far from being ready for end users.

Davidkamp there is a mailing list you can join, or just keep visiting to front page of and any updates will be in the news section. By the way xjadeo works very well for syncing to video, there really is no need to have it incorporated into ardour

You can subscribe to the RSS feed on the website.

ok, thanks!