Thank you so much!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to say “thank you for your great work and congratulations on the new version!”
So I’m an early-day Ardour user (published 1st pressed CD, made with Ardour2 on Debian in 2009) :grin:

I haven’t used Ardour since 2011, but only because I wasn’t making music for too long.
Now yesterday I finally got myself my very first MIDI keyboard input device (Behringer Swing) that happily works out-of-the-box on Linux. I was so happy to have a reason for getting to play with Ardour again! :smiley:

Kudos everyone!

I was eyeballing the MIDI support plans when they were discussed for Ardour3, and I’m super happy now to see it’s there and ready to use. Quite different (from Ardour2), but great UI experience btw.

I’m seriously grateful and happy that you’ve provided all of us here with a FOSS toolset for professional audio production. Ardour as DAW was the last puzzle piece for me to switch our recording studio from Windows to GNU/Linux.

Thank you so much, keep up the good work - and I hope to become a regular user (=paid subscriber) again, since that would mean I get to do more music! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For today it was only a one-time-payment.

Have an amazing day, and greetings to everyone who’s enjoying making music with Ardour.

(PS: I know the forum guidelines say to rather engage in existing threads than starting a new one, but I’ve read other “thanks” postings here and many of them were going into support-topics ways, so my “thank you” card here felt misplaced, although related. Please let me know where you’d prefer future postings like this :))