Thank You Ardour

I would like to share a sad family story where Ardour helped to say good bye.

My sister died this October in Christchurch, New Zealand, aged 48. She had aggressive cancer which had come back.and had accelerated. New Zealand was in COVID lock-down and most of my family here in Germany could not go and say our good-byes. She died in the arms of her partner of thirteen years. We, stuck in Europe, were devastated.

New Zealand had become home to my sister, with their traditions. She had organized the celebration of her life which was broadcast and had invited everyone to send video or audio greetings.

I had written a song of sad good byes and young life growing from ruins 28 years ago after visiting Dresden, the town she lived in at the time. A town still recovering from the fire bombing of 1945, with scars still very deep.

Ardour 6 on my Macbook Pro 13" helped me to create a high quality recording in less than an hour just using the build in Mac hardware, and the song was played at her ceremony to pictures of her life. It was deeply moving and helped all of my family to understand the fulness of her life on the other side of the planet and how happy she had been.

So I am forever and deeply grateful to the Ardour community. You have created and maintain a wonderful recording station which has greatly helped to start to come to terms with my sisters death, who went way too early.

Keep up the fantastic effort !

Thank You, Yours ever



Thank you for sharing your story.
Iā€™m sorry for your loss :pensive: