Testing out the demo -Thanks!

Just downloaded the binary for 3.0 and I am very impressed with how far this project has come since I first checked it out. I will use the demo to make sure Ardour doesn’t break any of my workflows, that I can set up a comfortable control situation, and test the stability of Ardour and this planetCCRMA thing on my machine. If all works out I am very interested in moving my commercial production to Ardour and Fedora, and of course subscribing. It feels great to see the possibility of using innovative software that I’ve been following as a hobby in an actual professional environment.
Ardour did crash after only half an hour of playing around, and that crash left my mouse pointer unaligned (It would point to things slightly top-left of where it should, only in Ardour). I can’t seem to reproduce it, though. Will file a bug report if I ever find out what I did.

The only real complaint I have so far is something I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about. The demo version that doesn’t save plugin settings does, indeed, seem to save plugin settings. What’s up with that? Did I get the wrong binary? Change of Policy??

Thank you for all your hard work and for showing that open source projects can do things traditional proprietary software can’t. Ardour does have lots of features and “no bullshit” functionality that I haven’t found in all the DAWs I’ve worked with (and I probably worked with them all).

I second. Thanks to the devs for all their effort. This has driven me to start learning C and maybe someday be able to help in any areas I’m able with this project and/or others. Keep up the good work Paul and others involved.