Test crash Ardour 5.10 and plug in

Hi i have a test crash and closed ardour 5.10 with my installed plug in (lv2,ladspa,vst gnu/linux)
on imac 24 and debian stretch 9
I have a photos of plug in for comunity ardour


Test is be continued…

Sorry not entirely clear what you are trying to say here? Are you saying that Ardour is crashing when using the CALF studio plugins? If so this is a known issue with CALF plugins, and in general I recommend people stay away form them as a result. You can try updating to their git version (Not sure if they released a version with some of the fft fixes in it for example) but honestly it is better not to use them.

If that isn’t what you are saying, can you try explaining a bit more?


Hello Seablade, that the plugs of the calf had problems that I had known for some time, what was not clear was what plugs in creating problems with Ardour … In this case those reported in the photos once put in Insert in audio channels close ardour 5.10


many thanks Paul