Terratec EWS88MT How can I make it work with Ardour?

Hi Guys,

I recently bought an old Terratec EWS 88 MT soundcard for my old multitrack pc which i built into a 19inch rack for live sequencing.
I currently run Lubuntu on it in combination with Ardour as DAW… the card will arrive in a few hours, will it work out of the box or does it need alot of configuration?
I’ve read alot of people having problems setting the card up in linux.

IIRC it’s based on the ICE1712 chipset which should ‘just work’ - you will need the Envy 24 control application to set it up.

im realy a noob in linux (used windows for years, first time linux haha) is it just installable from the repo? the card should be here in less than a hour :smiley:

You shouldn’t need to install anything. I run two EWS88D cards here (the same card practically but without the rack unit) and they work out of the box. Just put in the card and it will be identified and the appropriate ALSA drivers automatically loaded.

envy24control is part of “alsa-tools-gui” package in Debian/ubuntu. Yes, it is easily installable from synaptic or software center or apt-get.

envy24control has a “analog volume” tab. Above all, make sure the DAC and ADC levels are not zero.

@sakenzord: I also use an old Terratec card with ICE1712 (DMX6fire 24/96), and it works fine. As Pablo Fernández mentioned, it might be a bit tricky to make all the adjustments correctly. So don’t hesitate to ask if anything shouldn’t work :-).

There are also some links about ICE1712 stuff which might help you: