Tenaba - Velour

I made a song a few days ago in Ardour called Velour. It’s all done with Linux plugins. I used Kdenlive for the video as well. Hope you enjoy it!


Love the song !!
It reminds me of Evanescence.
And now I just discovered that it’s synth vocals ! wow ! I didn’t know about this Synth V ! I’m impressed.

Nice and solid mix !
If you allow me a couple suggestions/remarks, to be taken for what they are, personal taste info and I’m by no means a mix engineer :slight_smile:
I feel like there’s a lot of compression applied ? Maybe a little less would bring more dynamics and let the music “breathe” a little more.
Then, listening on the monitors, I got the feeling the stereo image was very centered. I found myself wishing it sounded “wider” (because it’s a powerful song and the orchestration calls for it). Of course if I listen with a headset, I can hear the stereo placement of the instruments. Maybe a little Mid/Side eq would have done the trick.

Nice work !

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Glad you liked it, and thank you for the suggestions. I haven’t tried mid/side eq before, but I should probably consider it in the future. I’ve always been a bit concerned about making the stereo image too noticeable (and mono compatibility), but I suppose experimenting a bit should help make wider mixers in the future. Thanks!

Cool song,
I like the lyrics and thanks for typing them.
Carry on.
Thanks for sharing.

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Wow, awesome stuff! I really like the diversity of genres and instruments in your tracks.
Sometimes i wish the SynthV voice would break out a little but it is most impressive how well its blends in the arrangement.