Tempo tweakinh messes up my entire project

so … i like to experiment with tempo , a lot . I’m used to how Ableton handles this ; but in Ardour if i change tempo , then everything detaches from where it should be in the song . I know " glue to bars and beats " exists , but even when i click this onto e v e r y marker in the track , i still have to go through and correct all the micro-errors that occur when doing this , as markers get slightly detached from bar lines .

… I just can’t tell why it would work this way , it seems determined to upset me

Ardour currently doesn’t even really try to pretend that everything will follow the tempo map, particularly audio. The tempo map in Ableton strongly affects almost everything in a session, unless you turn it off. Ardour is somewhat the other way around.

A future version, perhaps even 7.0, will make a much more serious effort to handle this.


ok ok , c’est la vie … ! i love this program so i will hack at it , though i do appreciate the understandinh .