Tempo synced plugins

Ok, after being a douche a few days ago, I kinda started liking ardour and want to stick to it for a while.

Though there is one important question I have: What tempo-synchronized plugins are there that you could recommend? I’m thinking about a multimode-filter with synced LFO, an amp with tempo-synced LFO and especially a delay.

Before I start writing these things on my own (and wasting a lot of time) I just wanted to ask. Spent the whole day trying to implement Moog’s Murf-effect. After being half done (filters move accordingly, though they are out of tune, I’m not good at this physics stuff), I kinda lost interest. And neither does it sound as good as a Moog filter. Huge waste of time… If anyone is interested in the source or the sound of my work, please tell me. I’d gladly share :slight_smile:

Just wanna get started with some tunes, but these effects are essential to me. Any suggestions?

There are almost none in any linux-native formats. On OS X there are few that I’ve used (KingTubby Dub Delay is favorite), but they don’t always advertise this since it “just works” in the way people expect without actually thinking about what they expected.

Damn, well I guess I know what my weekend’s gonna look like, now… Especially the filters are gonna kill me. All algorithms with resonance are not tuning stable. I guess it has something to do with a phase shift caused by the feed back. Guess a parameter without hz units could do the trick here. I don’t know if you can answer this question right off the bat, paul, but generally, does a plugin need MIDI input to receive the clock signal from Ardour (via atom ports), or will an ordinary audio track do? I will eventually figure it out. The metro lv2 example seems to be a good starting point, and it does only work on MIDI tracks (in Ardour), though it does not process any audio or have any audio ports (which could be the reason for it to work on MIDI tracks only).

i believe there is a separate LV2 extension for receiving tempo information. note that you may not get the information you are actually looking for.