Tempo synced delay?

Is there a LADSPA delay plugin that can sync to the song tempo – i.e., echoes happening on quarter or eighth notes, etc.? I’ve seen this in VST delays and figured I’d find something in the open-source world, but haven’t had any luck. Or some other non-LADSPA solution… ?

LADSPA provides no way for the host to relay tempo information to a plugin. I believe the same is true of other existing or nascent open source plugin APIs.

Its very irritating for some kinds of composition. Then again, working within the limitations of a tool can be liberating :slight_smile:

maybe once we have “macros”, or some such application extension feature (something that is, i believe planned for ardour’s far future, and another thing to set it apart from anything else on the market), someone could maybe code something that translate the tempo track into an automation curve, thus supplying this function.

Expect all music to sound like the Glenn miller orchestra then: vibrato in pace with the beat ().