Tempo "ribbon" broken

What’s the name of the blue ribbon-like thing on the tempo ruler, the thing that changes depth as the tempo increases or decreases?

Anyway, it seems to be broken in 7.3: I’m setting up changes of tempo but the ribbon looks the same thickness all along. I’m recreating an A6.9 session and the changes in the thickness were really obvious, whereas there’s no discernible difference in 7.3 with the same tempo changes.

I was going to report a bug and tried searching to see whether it’s already been reported. I couldn’t see anything, but wasn’t sure if it’s because I don’t know the correct term to search for.

Ardour 6.9

Ardour 7.3

Work is in progress on this specific detail.

In the code they are called “tempo curves”

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Ah, so it’s nothing to worry about and doesn’t need reporting?

Yes, no need to file a bug report.

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