Tempo mapping... v6 vs v7?

In Ardour v6.9 I had the ability to map tempo to recorded and imported track using mouse. Exactly like in this Mixbus tutorial:

In Adour v7 if I try to repeat this, Ardour crashes with this output:

An UNDO transaction was started while a prior command was underway. Aborting command (move time signature) and prior (stretch end tempo)
ardour-7.4.50: …/libs/ardour/session_state.cc:3325: void ARDOUR::Session::begin_reversible_command(GQuark): Assertion `false’ failed.

So how to map tempo in the new v7? Is there different method? Something changed in this area?

It is ongoing work-in-progress. Out with the old, in with the new. It won’t be finished before 7.5. We believe the new version to be incredibly superior in every way, btw.

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“incredibly superior in every way” sounds great! Can’t wait :smiley: :smiley:

better midi editor? :crazy_face: :yum: I’m sorry, I had to.

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