Tempo mapping and Ardour 7.5

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There is a nice demonstration online which shows how to synchronize a Harrison Mixbus project to the imported recording of a human performance. In the past I used it to do similar things but with recent changes of Ardour 7.x it seems no longer to work the same way. Can someone help me with something similar using Ardour 7.5?

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It has been redesigned. Ardour 8 will be out on Sunday, with the new approach. We don’t want to discuss the version of this that was in 7.5 …

In the new version, just switch to the Grid tool (“Y” shortcut) and move the bar and beat lines to where they need to be.


Well… I hope you can fix the tempo editing by Sunday…
Everytime I touch the grid with this new tool I got this:


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This has not been happening for anyone that has used it so far. We can’t fix it without either that session archive and/or an actual stacktrace. So archive the session, attach it to a bug report and let me know that you’ve done that.

OK, I’ll report it. Robin has this session (or link to download it again if he deleted it already) because of Arranger bug (already solved).

I have it now, thanks.

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Fixed in git master. Or at least, it was easy to crash it, easy to see why it crashed, and now it seems hard to crash it.

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Thank you very much! I’ll test it for sure!

Not so fast. More complete fix coming.

I would have reported the bug earlier if I had known you had finished working on this feature. I didn’t want to be pushy :slight_smile:

OK, fix amended (corrected).

One thing you should be aware of: because the tempo mapping design tries to obey what is known about human performance, there are limits to how much you can speed up/slow down by. Wildly dragging the mouse will result, in many cases, in poor results and maybe even strange behavior. The goal is to start with a tempo that is roughly correct and then adjust the grid in relatively subtle ways.

That sounds like a brilliant, easy to use feature

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