Tempo map from midi?


Is it possible to get Ardour to read the tempo map from a midi file? Simply importing the file doesn’t seem to do it.


We currently ignore tempo information in an SMF file.

Ok. Is there a reason for it other than it’s just not yet supported? Would be really useful to have this and also ability to draw tempo maps a la Sonar for example.

I was poking around editing the session file manually in a text editor just to see what I can get out of it. I found the TempoMap section and within it I found lines like this:

It seemed like I couldn’t set the tempos between beats. The third number in the start parameter didn’t seem to have any effect. Is this by design?


oops… the xml tag got omitted… let’s try again without the < and >

Tempo start="5|1|0" beats-per-minute="90.000000" note-type="4.000000" movable="yes"

All tempo + meter changes are quantized to beats - no other concept makes any sense. There are no tempo ramps at this either. Is this a limitation? Yes. Will it be removed? Yes. When? Don’t know.

Thanks for clarifying this Paul.

Best of luck getting things sorted out. Wish I could help…

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