tempo changes?

If i have a tempo change say from 120bpm to 160bpm will it make a hydrogen drum machine beat switch?

No, assuming you are asking about A2(And if you are asking about A3 it shouldn’t be here:) which only does MTC and JackTC which has no concept of tempo but is rather absolute time instead of musical time which is what MIDI Clock is, and A2 doesn’t support and I can’t even remember if Hydrogen supports.


Provided you’ve got JACK transport turned on in both, and Ardour set to the tempo master, any tempo changes you make in Ardour will affect hydrogen, so the short answer is yes.

However note that the combination ardour2-hydrogen-jackd2 is a bit buggy wrt the jack transport (see bug #2856). My workaround is using jackd1.

Tip: You can easily write a tempo map (including time signature changes and ramps) in a text editor and then use klick2ardour.py to write the map to ardour.

I dont know how to do that.now jack and ardour are playing but no sound is coming out.Could ya helpme.Sorry i need step by step instructions