Templates sometimes include absolute paths with my home dir

I used the “Save Template…” feature, and found that the template file includes xml tags like this:

<lv2 last-preset-uri="" last-preset-label="" parameter-changed-since-last-preset=“yes” template-dir="/home/michael/.config/ardour5/templates/virtual-playing-orchestra-template">

Clearly that absolute path won’t work somebody else’s system. Is this a bug? I tried changing it to a relative path (relative to the template file), but I got this error:

Error opening file /home/michael/./plugins/1811970/state2/state.ttl (No such file or directory)

So it’s trying to load it relative to my home dir, which of course doesn’t work.

I tried to register on the bug tracker, but the sign up email hasn’t shown up after several minutes.

I’m experiencing this problem again. Last time I fixed it by removing the template-dir property from the xml tag, but that isn’t working for me this time since my plugins require configuration stored in the state.ttl files in the template directory structure.

I’m experiencing this issue with your (awesome) template. Since you reported having trouble previously registering on Mantis, and I couldn’t see the issue already raised there, I’ve submitted a bug report at https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8057

For now I’ve manually altered the path in the template and it seems to work (but if one tries to load the template before making that change, the state in the template seems to become stale, so you have to edit the template before first use).

If you use Ardour’s Template Manager (Menu > Window >Templates) to export/import templates the path will be abstracted.

If you manually copy files from Ardour’s config folder, your on your own.

Thanks @x42! I’ll give that a try.