Templates as Bus or Track

How do I insert a new bus with a template created from a track?

The Dialog asks me for inserting a track or bus (bullets), but when choose the template I made from a track in another project, it inserts a track instead of a bus.

Only the best…

@dtk: if the template was for a track, you get a track. if it was for a bus, you get a bus. the template “type” overrides whatever you selected in the dialog. unfortunate, perhaps, but the implementation of this would be a LOT LOT more complex if it were otherwise.

Ok. Another way could be something like this:

Will it be that much complex to implement a functionalitiy to implement “save template as bus/track”?

@dtk: track->bus … not much work; bus->track … quite a bit of work. feel free to file it as feature request.