I use Ardour4.0 on Linux. It seems that templates do not save neither the group definitions of my tracks nor the instruments loaded into linux-sampler, while saving the full project does so.

So I have been wondering how I can use a session folder as a kind of deluxe template. For that I would have to be able to save the whole folder under a new name or be able to copy and rename it, which both seems not easy, since save-As only saves the .ardour-file under a new name within the same session. How can I duplicate a session under a new name?

Version 4.1 will see the final arrival of “Save As” which will deal with your last question.

When you are discussing templates, are you talking about track templates or session templates?

I mean session templates. When I use the function “save template” in the session menu, in addition to instruments in linuxsampler and any group definitions, it also does not save the names of the tracks. So currently, what I get out of a session template is equivalent to what I can select in one go of the “add tracks” window. Is this intended or something not working?

Hooray for “Save As” - waiting for 4.1 then. Thanks for all the good work you are doing.

I want to add that the console output shows that Ardour does indeed attempt to open the plugins that were loaded in linuxsampler at the time the template was saved. Only it looks for them in the newly created folder for the new session, which of course ends in a “file not found”.

Thanks, but SaveAs is not complete at this time. I am aware of several issues. Nightly builds are NOT releases, and we definitely NEVER want discussions or bug reports about stuff in the nightly builds on a web forum.

Who mentioned nightly builds? The behaviour I described was about saving templates, not the developmental “save as” version. Anyway - I’m happy to wait for that one to arrive.