template track order not restored

When I start a new Session, and use a template, the track order from the template is not preserved.

When I create the template, all of the busses are at the top (master, vox, guit, bass, drums), followed by the input tracks, then additional busses for headphone amp routing.

Then when I start a new session and use the template, the tracks are in the wrong order.
Heaphone busses are first, followed by input tracks, more headphone busses, output busses, then more headphone busses, then the master.

BUT, this can be solved by exiting Ardour, and then re-opening the new session. After that, everything appears in the correct order.

Why do I have to exit and re-load for the tracks to appear in the correct order?

This is fixed in the development version of Ardour. Next release will be in January.

Thank you!