Technical death metal album recorded with Ardour!

Here’s a link to the first finished track on an album I recorded for the band Compulsive Slasher.

The track “Home Invasion Hallucinations” is the one done with Ardour…still polishing up the mix.

The album was mostly recorded using an Maudio delta 1010, shure sm57’s, some AT overheads and Ardour in my basement. Enjoy!

I like it.

The drum mix still needs a lot of polishing I’d say, but the music has an Origin flavor to it and that’s certainly not a bad thing :wink:

I did the drum recording for DIE -‘Rise of the Rotten’ record back in 2008 (released 2010 on Unique Leader Records) with a 2 x MAudio Delta 1010lt’s setup with great results. I did however not mix the thing. Mixing in Ardour is still something to come for me.

I agree on the drum mix…but mistakes were made in tracking that have to be settled for to meet their time goals. We did 23 tracks in two sessions which was complete insanity. The drummer played used heads and his tuning was a bit wonky ( I told them…I really did) plus the room is untreated. When the guy to came to do the vocals he said it sounded “too good” IE not raw enough. Any input or ideas on tuning up the mix would be appreciated! Overall I’m pretty proud of this as my first real recording project.

A brighter snare and more attack (4kz) in the kickdrums would be a good start I think.
You could try compressing them as well.
Usually in this genre kickdrum triggers are used. Is it possible for you to make sample replacement?