Tear-away windows to always stay on top

It would be great if the tear-away windows (transport and “the other one”) were made to stay always on top, since they’re not listed as regular windows by my windows manager (KDE) and tend to get lost underneath the editor or mixer.

It would also be great if there was a “Maximise Mixer Space” just like the editor counterpart. Great for situations when Ardour is used as a mixing desk.

(I’m using Ardour 2.5)

“Maximise Mixer Space” would be more or less equivalent to “maximise window size”, a feature that should be provided by your window manager.

The stay-on-top behaviour is tricky, because “stay on top” on X11 requires a definition more like "stay on top of ", and its not always clear which other window should be used. We do mark the windows as being of a certain type, but some window managers (and I think that KDE may be one of them) sometimes doesn’t honor these settings by default.