Tascam US-2400

I bought a Tascam US-2400 on Ebay and now I have to test whether everything works …
I’ve never used Ardour … I am a newbie and I only need to run a functional test quickly, to see if the US-2400 must be returned or not.

can someone please help?
The only thing I’ve done so far:
General Settings > Input controler > set to Mackie control universal pro

I just want to test a few faders and the transport buttons …

Regrads, Ralph

You should get on IRC. Web forums are useless for the help you want. See http://ardour.org/support for details on how to get onto IRC (there are several options).

thanks, I was able to do a quick test w/ a win computer, so my Tascam US-2400 is working :slight_smile:
integration w/ Ardour I will try over the weekend …
just one question … in Mackie mode i still need to create a midi template?

there are no binding maps for mackie support.

you will need to create a device info file, and optionally a device profile. there are examples for several other mackie devices. it would be wise to use the absolute latest code (i.e. a nightly build) if you are going to work on this.