Tascam Model 16 after a couple of years

Too busy for a couple of years, moving around and generally do other things, I finally want to get back to music. I upgraded my workstation in the meantime and now nothing works. I have Tascam Model 16 that worked perfectly 2 years ago, now I can only see 8 tracks in Ardour and no sound out either. I wish I remembered how I configured the jack patchbay, because that is different as well. I loaded my old config to Ardour, but no cigar.
Anyone has this mixer working with latest Ardour version?

That mixer works with iOS, which means it must be USB class compliant.
The first step would be use the ALSA backend (aka audio engine) from the Ardour Audio/MIDI setup window and see if all channels show up in that configuration. The Ardour ALSA backend is the most direct connection between Ardour and your hardware, so if that works and you do not need to route audio between different applications you can just use that ALSA configuration.

If you do need to route audio between different applications, if you can get the ALSA backend to work you will eventually be able to get a jackd or pipewire configuration to work. The starting point should be ALSA backend to eliminate other variables from the problem.

Note that you may need to investigate ALSA mixer to make sure all channels are enabled and unmuted. Not always a problem, but that is the first place to check if the Ardour ALSA backend is able to configure all channels, but some channels do not seem to have useable output even when Ardour indicates that audio is being sent to those channels.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your response, but worked it out. For some reason the driver was just unselected in Ardour config. I selected Jack with Alsa and all channels showed up. I don’t think I ever messed around with patchbay, but I am sure I could see 16 individual channels there before. Now I can’t. But Ardour works and I don’t need to run anything else at the same time, so I don’t really care.

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