Tascam DM-4800

Does anybody out there have experience using Ardour with the Tascam DM-4800?

Using with regards to what? I have a DM24, which although older is essentially the same concept.

FWIW Here’s a diagram of my setup.

I would like to:

  • use the DM4800 as a control surface for Ardour
  • use Ardour to extend or replace some of the features of the DM4800

I gather from the manual (…what little can be gathered from that useless waste of dead tree…) and from the little bit that I have experimented, that the USB port on the DM4800 has limited functionality. I have only been able to use it to backup up and restore the CF card on the DM4800. From what I have been able to pick up from various other forums, it will be necessary to install the FW option to get full functionality.

Surely you can still use the standard MIDI ports for control and automation, instead of the USB interface ?

I’m not sure. That’s why I am asking. As I said, the manual is pretty useless.

Ultimately, I want full control and functionality, so I’ll eventually need the FW option anyway. Until then though, I would like to know what Ardour can control via USB. And, vice-versa, what the DM4800 can control in Ardour.

thank you for your help

I don’t necessarily think you even need to factor Ardour into your control/functionality issues.

If the USB on the DM4800 doesn’t give you a pseudo-MIDI interface, or allow any sort of MIDI control from the system it is connected to, it is irrelevant if you are using Ardour or any other well known DAW.

What I am getting at is that Ardour (and most other sofware) support standard control protocols over MIDI. If you can’t get the DM4800 interfaced using those standards, then it not only is not going to work with Ardour, but won’t work with other software either.
Personally, I doubt that is the case, otherwise the DM4800 wouldn’t have those MIDI ports on the back, would it?

The other issue of whether the USB driver is complete enough to act as a MIDI interface is another matter entirely, for now I recommend you use the real MIDI ports and some real MIDI cables.

sorry to but in like this but,
are you running linux? if so how did you get your midisport 4x4 to work? When I plugged mine in nothing happened. lsusb says it is present but JACK doesn’t notice it.

No, I’m on OSX - I’ve never tried it with Linux and I’m not likely to because I know that my MOTU card isn’t supported either.

ah too bad, there’s also a MOTU card at college that my teacher said I could have!